Our Team

Manager and Catering

Specialist: Michelle.

Born and raised in Orange County, CA Michelle specializes in team management and her love of sharing laughter over great food. An active member and board member of the Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce, her passion of building relationships and business with others have made an impact of her success at Good Choice Sushi. When she isn’t smiling and serving tables or chef-ing behind the sushi bar, she spends her time with her two kids and can find her at the park! Coffee, Red Wine, and french bulldogs are her weakness.

Chef Hiko:

If you don’t see Hiko behind the sushi bar, you’ll most likely find him pursuing his passion of surfing. Hiko specializes in making sure his team behind the sushi bar is creating dishes to make you smile! He excels at building relationships with customers, team members, and vendor representatives for a smooth, upbeat operation. Hiko enjoys spending time with his wife and his surf board collection.

Chef Go:

Ask for the “Go Special” Go’s creative and artistic way of bringing an idea and creating it into a dish drives his team crazy but amazement to our guests. Chef Go is the head chef for any outside events and always executes a satisfying event. Go enjoys reading a good book and his coffee not too hot.